What is Summer School?

Summer School is an annual event hosted by TAC for Scottish Country Dancers around the world to come together and have fun. Oh and maybe improve their dancing.

It is a week long event with classes in the morning with teachers from around the world. The afternoons offer optional classes with everything from personal technique to yoga to a musician’s class for dancers. Teachers and classes vary every year as does the location.

Hosted in North America, Summer School travels to different university campuses across Canada and the United States. Dancers have the Wednesday afternoon off to participate in different tours, but also have the option to come early or stay later to explore the area.

Classes are held at four different levels from Fundamental to Challenge with low-impact as an option in most. Like all Scottish Country Dance events, you can come on your own as you are guaranteed to meet other people and make new friends.

In the evenings, there are different activities to occupy our minds and develop our social skills. With four nights of dancing, the other nights include a Ceilidh and one surprise night. Our week ends with a Banquet and Ball where dancers have a chance to dress up and show off their new skills. All the programs for the dances are posted 5 months ahead of time so there’s lots of time to practice.

If you have ever thought about learning more about Scottish Country Dancing and widening your social circle, Summer School is the place for you!