AGM Weekend Workshop
The TAC runs an annual weekend workshop for members in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting. The venue changes, and has been held in many cities in Canada and the United States.

Summer School
TAC started a Summer School in 1973, which has been running successfully ever since. A teacher candidates' course is conducted in conjunction with summer school every other year. Rotation of Summer School commenced in 1998 in order to give our members and their dancers in other parts of the North American continent an equal opportunity to attend this worthwhile event.

Jubilee Scholarship Fund
This fund was started in 1973. Interest on the fund is applied to scholarships to teacher candidates for help in attending candidate courses held in conjunction with Summer School.

Area Representatives
An area around a Branch of the RSCDS is considered a focal point, and teachers in that area elect their own representative to an Area Representatives' Council. The idea is to establish and maintain communication between the Executive Committee and members in the field. Area Representatives are encouraged to organize events such as workshops or seminars to promote the objectives of TAC.

Outreach Program
This was established in 1985 to provide closer links between the Executive and the membership through participation, on a cost-sharing basis, in local Teachers' Workshops, etc. throughout North America.

Examiners' Tours
By arrangement with the RSCDS, the Association manages the liaison and coordination of the North American Examination Tours. Teacher candidates are examined in selected centres in the years when there are no examinations held at T.A.C. Summer School.

Online Stores
Through the divisions of TACBooks and TACSound, recordings, books and other printed matter are supplied to members and dancers on an international basis. Members receive discounts on a number of such purchases. TAC also republishes out of print dance books, leaflets and other reference material as required in addition to new material. Several recordings have also been produced under the TAC banner.

In an association with such a wide geographical spread, communication is of top importance. TACTalk, our quarterly bulletin contains news and information, articles about dances, dancing, music, CD reviews, and a bit of editorial whimsy. It is a useful way to keep in touch with the membership which currently is approximately 700. TACTalk also circulates worldwide to subscribers who are interested in dancing.

Music Workshops
TAC initiated its first such event at the 1984 Summer School. This practice is continued when there is sufficient interest.

Reviewing the Books
Work on this project started in 1958 with a view to clarifying ambiguities and obscurities in the descriptions of the dances. This work developed gradually until in 1969 a first book of Teaching Notes was published. The fifth edition of TACNotes was published in 2008.

Index to Dances
As early as 1962 TAC prepared and distributed an index to dances, both RSCDS and contemporary creations. This work went on for some years, but has now been replaced by much more comprehensive computerized indexes which we are available online.