Bob Blackie Scholarship at the 2019 TAC Summer School 

July 28 - August 4, 2019

Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Bob Blackie influenced Scottish Country Dancing in North America in so many, many ways. He was committed to excellence in teaching and, through that, the promotion of excellence in dancing, at whatever level. He was committed to and deeply loved and supported the Teachers' Association (Canada). During his term as Chairman, he took a leadership role in starting the Teachers' Association (Canada) Summer School - a school that every year encourages dancers of all levels of expertise in the improvement of their dancing skills in an environment of great teaching, fine music, and wonderful camaraderie.


Scope and Purpose:

In his memory, longtime friend Ed Jones established the Bob Blackie Memorial Endowment to provide, as far as possible, a full scholarship annually to a Scottish Country Dancer to enable the dancer to attend a full week of the Teachers' Association (Canada) Summer School. The scholarship must be used toward the cost of tuition, meals, and lodging for any given year's Summer School. In the event the interest produced by the Bob Blackie Memorial Endowment becomes sufficient, the award may also be applied toward travel costs for the recipient.



2018 Bob Blackie Scholar

Jean Stewart Hundley

Jean Stewart Hundley

 Jean Stewart Hundley was born in Washington State and immersed in Scottish traditions and music right from the start!  Her father was a product of a Stewart / MacDonald union, hence the pipes, Highland Games, and a pure pride of Heritage were all part of her growing up years.  She was born with a love of dancing and from the time she could walk the sound of the pipes would set her little feet in motion! 

She has lived in San Diego California for the past 38 years, and it was here that she met the San Diego branch of Scottish Country Dancers.  She was immediately hooked and signed up for classes right away!  She became a member of the San Diego branch and dances three nights a week.  She has also been involved on a nominating committee and Demonstration Dance.  She is an active member of Clan Stewart and helps host the Stewart tent at the Phoenix games every year.

She is a mom to three wonderful children.  Her hobbies, in addition to Scottish Country Dance, include paddle-boarding, hiking, coaching Youth Sports and involvement in numerous Community groups.  She enjoys traveling and visited Scotland for the first time last summer.  She felt right at home and someday soon hopes to dance with the Royal Scottish Country Dance School in St. Andrews.  She is sincerely grateful for the scholarship opportunity and is eagerly looking forward to attending her very first TAC summer school.


Recent Bob Blackie Scholars
2018 Jean Stewart Hundley, San Diego, USA
2017  Heather Fawkes, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
2016  Louise Kropinski, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
2016  Annie Sapucaia, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2015  Janet Peterson, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA
2013  Maggie Faber, Colorado, USA
2012  Chandi McCracken, Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA
2012  Arthur Baum

Criteria for Selection:

Based on the following criteria, an award will be made each year provide an applicant meets all the criteria listed:

  • the dancer must have participated in Scottish Country Dancing for at least two years;
  • the dancer must have demonstrated a genuine love of and interest in Scottish Country Dancing;
  • the dancer must have a desire to improve his or her dancing skills;
  • the dancer must have a commitment to maintain the best in Scottish Country Dancing;
  • preference will be given to a dancer with a demonstrated financial need.
  • this scholarship is not available to those who have attained any level of their SCD teaching certification.

Application Process

A dancer may apply for the Bob Blackie Memorial Scholarship by submitting:
-  a letter of application to the Teachers' Association (Canada) which addresses in detail each of the above five criteria.
-  a letter of reference from at least one Scottish Country Dance teacher that addresses in detail each of the five criteria.

Application Deadline:

Please submit the application materials for the Bob Blackie Scholarship by email to Ellen Sears, the Director of TAC Summer Events, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by March 31, 2019.
Please include the applicant's surname and the phrase 2019 Bob Blackie Application in the email subject line and in the file names of attachments.

Selection Process:

The selection of the scholarship recipient shall be made by a committee consisting of the Teachers' Association (Canada) chairman, vice-chairman, past chairman, treasurer, and Summer Events director which shall review all applications received by the deadline. The scholarship shall be presented to the recipient as a pre-paid scholarship (i.e. waiver of tuition, meals, lodging etc.). At this time, the recipient shall receive background information on the establishment of the scholarship as well as suitable biographical material on Bob Blackie.
After attending Summer School, the recipient shall send a report on his/her experience to the Teachers' Association (Canada) for publication in TACTalk.