65 Dances Celebrating TAC’s 65th Anniversary in 2023

TAC is celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2023. It seems appropriate to share a selection of dances to highlight the creativity of the many dancers, teachers, musicians, and devisors whose talents have supported and celebrated our organization.

These 65 dances are a small selection of the many possible choices, but we hope they will provide teachers and organizers with ideas for classes and dance programmes. A few of the dances are traditional Scottish Country dance favourites, but most were chosen to highlight people who have contributed so much to our dancing pleasure over the years.

It’s impossible to include every dance devised by our members or teachers from around the world who have attended and taught at the Teachers’ Conference Weekend and Summer School. Still, we hope this selection will encourage you to revisit some old favourites or look further to find other dances by these devisors.

We look forward to many celebrations next year: TAC’s founding 65 years ago, the 50th Summer School in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and, of course, the Centenary of the RSCDS. We hope this list will be another way for us to celebrate together.

You can use these links to download an Excel spreadsheet with lists of the dances alphabetically, by tempo, and by devisor. The sources for the dances are also noted, and all of the dances can be found on the SCD DanceDatabase, though not all have videos. In addition, there is a PDF version.

TAC - 65 Dances for 65 Years- spreadsheet

TAC - 65 Dances for 65 Years- PDF