This fund provides scholarships based on financial need to candidates wishing to attend Teacher Candidate Classes at the Scottish Country Dance Teachers' Association (Canada) Summer School.

The fund was established in 1973 as an endowment bursary system.  It was designated as THE SILVER JUBILEE SCHOLARSHIP FUND in 1983, our Silver Jubilee Year, and renamed THE JUBILEE SCHOLARSHIP FUND in 2008. The interest earned by the fund finances the scholarships.

Scholarships for all candidate classes are available and may be granted subject to the approval of the TAC Chairman, Treasurer, and Summer School Director. The amount given is dependent on the number of applicants and whether other sources of support are available.

The application must be counter-signed by an RSCDS Branch or Affiliated Group Chairman or Secretary, or by a qualified teacher of Scottish Country Dancing who is currently a member of the Scottish Country Dance Teachers' Association (Canada). The completed application form must be submitted to the T.A.C. Exam Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • The application form can be downloaded here: Jubilee Scholarship Application
  • The deadline for applications is April 15th the year a residential candidate class is held.