Dancers at a ball, bows and curtsies. Photo credit: Fiona Miller. 

Welcome to the Scottish Country Dance Teachers' Association (Canada)

TAC supports Scottish Country Dance Teachers and Dancers in North America and throughout the world. We have been serving the dance community for over 60 years and continue to grow and evolve.

  • Each year we organize a week-long Summer School with classes open to all levels of dancers from basic through experienced; Summer School is hosted at venues in Canada and the USA in late July or early August
  • We offer training for dancers wishing to become teachers
  • We offer scholarships to attend Summer School as a teacher candidate, dancer, or musician
  • Through TACBooks and TACSound we offer access to dance descriptions and music
  • Our outreach program offers assistance to teachers and dancers in isolated locations or who may not have access to qualified teachers


Dancers at Summer School


TAC Membership

If you are a teacher of Scottish Country Dance having passed RSCDS Teaching Certificate Level 1 (Units 1, 2 & 3 or the Prelim) or Level 2 (Units 4 & 5 or Full), join the group and have access to the full range of services and support that TAC offers.

Where are our members located?

  • Canada: 35%
  • USA: 40%
  • Rest of the World: 25%


Canada Day Dance at Summer School


Our goals and objectives are to:

  • encourage and promote participation in Scotland's heritage of Country Dancing
  • promote the highest possible level of approved standards of Scottish Country Dancing
  • foster excellence in the teaching of Scottish Country Dancing
  • undertake to preserve and disseminate materials supportive of the above objectives
  • promote the continuance of the musical tradition in Scottish Country Dancing
  • stimulate co-operation between all teachers and dancers

 Summer School 2018




Dances Taught at the TAC Virtual Summer School 2021

July 28

Ron Wallace (Teacher oriented class)

All newly devised dances by Ron. Click the dance name to download the PDF

  1. The New Jubilee Jig
  2. Lady Ellen of Stonebridge
  3. The Bald Eagle

July 29

Geoffrey Selling

  1. Ceilidh dance: Military Two-Step (Collins)
  2. Todlen Hame--Jig:  Book 16
  3. Mairi's Fancy--Strathspey:  Book 28
  4. Westminster Reel--Reel:  Book 45 (originally published by London Branch)


Lara Friedman-Shedlov

Fête Champêtre   128 J 4C sq Barry Priddey/Golden Oriole Book

Performances of this dance by the Ribble Valley Branch:  and the London Branch:

The Robert Burns song "Fête Champêtre," recorded as "Saint Stephen's House" by Ross Kennedy, from Robert Burns: The Complete Songs.

The tune "Killiecrankie" as recorded by Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas, and Muriel Johnstone on Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Volume 2: Tune from the Life and Land of Robert Burns

July 30

Marjorie McLaughlin

Jenny’s Bawbee 8x24 Strathspey Book 5

Jenny’s Bawbee 32 bar Reel – Thomas Wilson’s 1816 Companion to the Ballroom (attached)

Peggy’s Love 8x32 bar Strathspey Book 8

Peggy’s Love 32 bar Reel - Thomas Wilson’s 1816 Companion to the Ballroom (attached)


Alan Twhigg

The Social Swing – Collins Pocket Reference Scottish Country Dancing, 1996.

Glayva 32J2 The Canadian Book of Scottish Country Dances by John Drewry, 1977.  Video link:

Sands of Morar 32S3 – RSCDS Book 45 and devised by Barry Priddey, originally published in The Diamond Jubilee Book by the Glasgow Branch, 1983. Video link:

A Castle in the Air 32R2 – RSCDS Book 43 and devised by Minnie Banninger, 2002. Video link:

July 31

Ron Wallace

All newly devised dances by Ron. Click the dance name to download the PDF

  1. The Courthouse Walk
  2. Drawn In
  3. Volga and Kazanka
  4. The Engine Room


Daily Recordings from the TAC Virtual Summer School!


Each day a link to the recordings of the classes and events will be posted to this page.  We will also send a daily email reminder to all registrants with the day's links.  The videos are posted on a TAC YouTube Channel and recordings of the first three days of Summer School events are available for viewing now.


July 28, 2021:   Ron Wallace's first class
  The Welcome Dance
July 29, 2021: Geoffrey Selling and Lara Friedman-Shedlov classes
  (both classes are posted on the same link)
  Summer School Musicians' Concert
July 30, 2021: Marjorie McLaughlin's class
  Alan Twhigg's class
  The Ceilidh
July 31, 2021: Ron Wallace's second class
  The Ball


Silent Auction - Winners and Payments

Congratulations to all the winners in the TAC 2021 Silent Auction!

A list of the silent auction winners is posted below. Use this link if you wish to view the donated items on the Silent Auction page

Winners will be notified by email soon with the payment link (shown below) and how to arrange shipping of your item with the item donor, as well as any postage that may be required.  All winning bids are in Canadian dollars CAD

Winners can use this link to pay for your item(s):      2021 Silent Auction: Make Payments    

If you didn’t bid, or you didn’t win your bid and you would like to support the Silent Auction, please consider submitting a financial donation. Please use the "Make Payments" link shown above.

A BIG Thank You to RSCDS Twin Cities Branch member Joe Dolson for all the silent auction page setup, to everyone who submitted items donations, and to all the people who bid so generously to support TAC 2021 Virtual Summer School and the Silent Auction.

If you have any questions, please contact Alison Booz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


And the Winners Are!

TAC 2021 Silent Auction Winners

 Diana Aird

  • “The Beefeater” Miniature Toby Jug- Winning bid: $20.00
  • Compose a Dance!- Winning bid: $130.00

 Joan Axford

  • Tartan/Plaid Silk Skirt - Winning bid: $55.00

 Sharon Barker

  • Pewter Hug #3 Winning bid: $30

 David Booz

  • Newfoundland Distillery Co. Seaweed Gin - Winning bid: $85.00
  • Christmas Cookies #2 - Winning bid: $140

 Holly Boyd

  • Stained Glass Thistle - Winning bid: $45.00
  • Sterling Double Thistle Brooch - Winning bid: $55.00

 Anja Breest

  • “Won’t You Join The Dance” - Winning bid: $15.00

 Betsy B Brydon

  • Glass Thistle Art - Winning bid: $40.00
  • Thistle Cookie Stamp - Winning bid: $35.00

 Sheila Careless

  • Lochcarron Sash - Winning bid: $35.00

 Fran Caruth

  • Handmade French Rolling Pin - Winning bid: $110.00

 Edith Chapman

  • Scottish Lore and Folklore - Winning bid: $35.00
  • Thurston and Milligan books - Winning bid: $15.00
  • Salute to San Diego dance book #2 – Winning bid: $30.00

 Alison Crabb

  • PG Tips tea cozy and tea towel - Winning bid: $40.00

 Joe Dolson

  • A Dance AND Tune Composed for You! - Winning bid: $295.00

 Margaret Dudley

  • Coronation Street Trivia Game - Winning bid: $15.00

 Marion Hamilton

  • Unicorn! - Winning bid: $25.00

 Linda Harley

  • MacKay Tartan Six-Gored Skirt - Winning bid: $20.00

 Arlene Koteff

  • Thurston, Cosh, and McConachie books - Winning bid: $20.00

 Deborah Leary

  • Silver Thistle Brooch - Winning bid: $30.00

 Holly Lennox

  • Crocheted Blanket - Winning bid: $55.00
  • Plaid Scarf - Winning bid: $10.00

 Teresa Lockhart

  • Christmas Cookies - Winning bid: $150.00

 Patricia McClelland

  • Wha’s Like Us - Winning bid: $20.00
  • Scots and Irish - Winning bid: $30.00
  • RSCDS Patch - Winning bid: $15.00
  • Virtual Fiddle Concert - Winning bid: $60.00
  • The Tullich Collection CD - Winning bid: $35.00
  • Handmade Scotland Pen #2 – Winning bid: $40.00
  • TACBooks $30 Gift Certificate #2 – Winning bid: $30.00

 John McCormick

  • Majestic Stag - Winning bid: $25.00

 Louise Mcgillivray

  • Handmade Scotland Pen - Winning bid: $45.00

 Marjorie McLaughlin

  • Pewter Hug - Winning bid: $50.00

 Fiona Miller

  • Elephant Family – Print of an Original Watercolour - Winning bid: $110.00
  • Handmade Toy Elephant - Winning bid: $30.00

 Alison Moen

  • TACBooks $30 Gift Certificate - Winning bid: $35.00

 Linda Newsum

  • Suede Handbag - Winning bid: $50.00

 Rose Powell 

  • Burns Crystal Shot Glass - Winning bid: $30.00

 Laura Russell

  • Scottish Dancers print - Winning bid: $30.00

 Ken Saunders

  • A Cheeky Joke – Swinging Loose! - Winning bid: $45.00
  • Forest Green Ghillie shirt - Winning bid: $30.00

 Ellen SEARS

  • Salute to San Diego dance book - Winning bid: $35.00

 Tiffany Stoeke

  • Atlanta Branch Spring Workshop - Winning bid: $100.00

 Sydney Thomson

  • Olympic Mittens - Winning bid: $45.00

 Helen Welford

  • Wild Eagle First Nations Purse - Winning bid: $20.00

 Tara Zrymiak

  • Four Plaid Napkins - Winning bid: $30.00
  • Christmas Cookies #3 - Winning bid: $75.00

Alison Booz

  • Heather and Thistles - Winning bid: $45.00
  • Sheep! - Winning bid: $65.00
  • Plaid skirt by Claire Charles Designs - Winning bid: $75.00
  • Bonnie Henry COVID Tea Towel - Winning bid: $55.00
  • Kilted Tartan Skirt - Winning bid: $25.00
  • George S. Emmerson’s A Social History of Scottish Dance, signed by the author - Winning bid: $100.00
  • Pewter Hug #2 – Winning bid: $40.00


 If you have any questions, please contact Alison Booz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.