To teach, inspire, and connect Scottish country dance teachers in North America and beyond.


 TAC Organizational Objectives

  • To train and support all levels of teachers and instructors of SCD within the RSCDS framework.
  • To foster high-quality teaching that supports individual dancers and all types of classes.
  • To encourage involvement in Scotland's heritage of country dancing by promoting its learning, enjoyment, and sociability.
  • To make available and promote resources for reference and instruction, including dance descriptions and recorded music.
  • To nurture the development of musicians for Scottish country dancing.
  • To facilitate communication and relationships between dance teachers, instructors, supporters, organizations, and musicians.
  • To archive and preserve, in an accessible form, TAC's history of supporting Scottish country dancing.


Dancers at Summer School


TAC Membership

If you are a teacher of Scottish Country Dance having passed RSCDS Teaching Certificate Level 1 (Units 1, 2 & 3 or the Prelim) or Level 2 (Units 4 & 5 or Full), join the group and have access to the full range of services and support that TAC offers.

Where are our members located?

  • Canada: 45%
  • USA: 43%
  • Rest of the World: 12%


Canada Day Dance at Summer School


 Summer School 2018


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Hello All,

This is your three week warning that registration for TCW and Summer School 2024 will be closing on June 16, 2024. If you are thinking about attending, please think quickly. The end of the opportunity to register is fast approaching. After June 16, 2024 no more additions can be made.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Vicky Zeltins, Registrar

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