TAC Residential Teacher Candidate Course 2018 Registration

Registration for TAC 2018 Residential Candidate Classes is now open!

Use the on-line registration form below to register for Unit 5, Unit 2/3 combined, Unit 2 re-sit or Unit 3 re-sit classes and exams to be held at University of Minnesota before and during TAC Summer School.

  • Fees payable here include accommodations, meals, and tuition.
  • Exam fees to be paid separately and directly to RSCDS Headquarters.
  • Unit 5 and Unit 2/3 combined: Sunday 22 July to Sunday 5 August (14 nights accommodation).
  • Unit 2 re-sit: Sunday 22 July to Saturday 28 July (6 nights accommodation).
  • Unit 3 re-sit: Thursday 26 July to Sunday 5 August (10 nights accommodation).
  • Add additional night's accommodation if you plan to arrive a day early or depart a day later (meals not included, but can be purchased from University food services).
  • All fees will be paid online through the TAC PayPal processor EITHER by credit card OR PayPal account; PLEASE NOTE you have the choice of paying with a credit card within the PayPal payment processor without having a PayPal account.
  • Cancellation: All refunds on or before June 22, 2018 will incur a $50 USD administration fee.
  • NO REFUNDS will be given after June 22, 2018 under any circumstances.

Participants are strongly advised to have suitable insurance to cover any loss of fees in the event of illness, injury, inability to attend, delayed arrival, early departure, or any other circumstances.

This page has information on University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, local weather, and transportation, as well as the Summer School Ball: Summer School Programme 2018

2018 Candidate Classes
If your country is not listed below, please add your country after city in the above field and leave the default country as Canada.
Email is the preferred means of contacting participants.
Your name tag will be created from the information in the next field, so please enter your first and last names as you wish them to appear on your name tag (even if you already entered the same information at the top of the form).
A list of attendees with name, city, country, and email will be included in the Candidate registration package you receive on arrival. If you do not wish to be included on the list, please select the No button.
Enter your RSCDS membership number.
For Candidates attending the Unit 5 course, please enter your TAC membership number.
Enter your RSCDS Branch.
Please enter the month and year of passing Unit 1 (the written paper).
My years of Scottish Country Dancing
For Unit 5 Candidates only, please enter the month and year of passing Units 2 and 3.
My current SCD dance teacher(s)
Enter "self" if you currently teach an SCD class.
If you selected double-occupancy bedroom above, please use the box underneath to indicate the name(s) of people with whom you are willing to share a bedroom. If you have no suggestions, enter Will Share. If you have selected single-occupancy, enter Not Applicable.

Each single or double-occupancy bedroom shares a bathroom with the other bedroom in the same suite. Please use the box underneath to indicate the name(s) of people with whom you are willing to share the common bathroom. If you have no suggestions, enter Will Share.
To facilitate pairing residents who will share a common bathroom, please indicate your gender.
If we cannot match you with a preferred person, we will endeavor to pair participants who share a bathroom with a person of the same sex unless otherwise indicated.
All meals are serve-yourself buffet style and will automatically include common options such as vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free. If you have exceptional dietary requirements or allergies that are unlikely to be met with serve-yourself selections, please provide information.
Emergency Contact Information. If the person you normally name as your emergency contact is also attending TAC Summer Events with you, please add a second non-attendee contact in the following box, with names separated by a punctuation mark e.g. Heironymous Smith (spouse); Hermione Brown (daughter-in-law)
Please provide telephone number(s) for the person(s) named above as your emergency contact(s).

Queries and Comments If you have a time-sensitive query requiring immediate feedback, contact Kate Walker, Teacher Candidate Coordinator, directly at scottishdancekate@gmail.com. Less pressing queries entered in the Queries box will be addressed as soon as possible.
Add a general comment if you wish, including suggestions to add or clarify information on the TAC 2018 Residential Candidate Classes webpage.
Event Fee(s)
Check the box if you plan to attend the TCW Banquet and Ball on Saturday 28 July (open to TAC members and associate members only). Summer School Banquet and Ball on Saturday 4 August is already included for candidates in residence on that date.