Candidate Course Staff for 2022  

Units 2/3 Elaine Brunken, Tutor    

Unit 5 Geoffrey Selling, Tutor    

Gary Thomas, Musician  

The Summer Events Committee thanks Ron Krug for his gracious offer to step back as a member of the music staff so that the Candidate Course can continue within budget.


 Elaine Brunken

Tutor for Units 2/3

 Elaine Brunken, who has trained many candidates over the years in the Northern Virginia Branch, will once again be the tutor for the Unit 2/3 candidates at TAC Summer School.

 Geoffrey Selling

Tutor for Unit 5


 Geoffrey always looks forward to coming to the TAC Summer Events, whether teaching or just dancing and seeing friends.  It is always an honor to teach there.

For almost 50 years, Geoffrey has been one of North America’s most sought-after Scottish country dance guest teachers—providing all levels of classes and workshops for new and experienced teachers. These classes have taken him to faraway places like Japan, the RSCDS Summer School at St. Andrews, and the USA and Canada. 

Geoffrey has danced and taught in the Delaware Valley Branch since 1969.  On 18 occasions, he has “tutored,” i.e., prepared teacher candidates for their certification exams, both in the Delaware Valley Branch and at the TAC Summer School.  In 1980, Geoffrey and his wife, Cecily, wrote the Handbook for Scottish Country Dance Teachers (now in its third edition), used in candidate classes worldwide.  Geoffrey is the author of numerous articles in TACTalk and the RSCDS’ Scottish Country Dancer magazine.

In the summer of 1998, Geoffrey was appointed an Examiner of the RSCDS and is now completing his 24th year examining RSCDS teacher candidates and providing the training for new North American examiners. In 2009, Geoffrey was awarded the Society’s Scroll of Honor. In 2013, Geoffrey trained 10 North American teachers as tutors in a TAC summer School course at Mt. Allison College.   Geoffrey feels it is vital to keep the Society’s focus on the traditional dances and style of Scottish country dancing, all bound together by an emphasis on dancing socially.  As the Society necessarily modernizes, Geoffrey works to keep the old-world graciousness in his students’ dancing.

Geoffrey is now retired from his professional life as an elementary school science teacher but volunteers with watershed organizations and teaches adults about stream health and water quality. His hobbies are hiking, baking, gardening, and dancing (Scottish and Polish).  His wife, Cecily, is an accomplished Scottish country dance teacher and tutor in her own right.


Gary Thomas

Musician for Unit 5


Not long after moving to California in 1989, I began playing piano for Santa Rosa Scottish Country Dance classes, followed soon after by the Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers and for Ron Wallace’s step and highland classes.  I have also been fortunate to participate in numerous workshops as a musician, including TAC Summer School (as a soloist and as a backup to Laird Brown), Prague, Vienna, and Asilomar, to name a few.  I even played with Bobby Brown’s band so Muriel Johnstone could dance at her birthday party.  What a treat!

Our former band, “Hook, Wink & Swagger,” played for many Southern California Scottish events and local events until the untimely passing of Steve Wyrick. Our new band, “Flindrikin,” includes Lisa Doyle, Ron Wallace, and me.

Over the years, I’ve composed numerous tunes, which can be found in our dance publications “From the Redwood Forest” and “The San Andreas Collection” (Scottish), and “The Bishop’s Ranch Collection” (English); as well as in “Dunsmuir Dances.”  More tunes will become available in our soon-to-be-published tune book. We have our two-CD sets of “Dancers Dream” and our newest creation, “Mother’s Garden,” for step dancing or listening.