The 47th TAC Summer School will be held from

 July 28 - August 4, 2019 at

Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Join us in Calgary and enjoy Scottish Country dancing and dances from these world-class teachers:
Linda Henderson from California, USA    Jimmie Hill from Edinburgh, Scotland,
Moira Korus from Ontario, Canada     Geoffrey Selling from Pennsylvania, USA

Dance Teachers - Summer School 2019

Linda Henderson, California USA


Originally from North Berwick, near Edinburgh, Linda Henderson now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She began Scottish Country Dancing at Primary School and is a former competitive Highland dancer.  She has 3 grown-up children and works in Elementary School.

Linda has taught adult and youth classes in the San Francisco Branch, and workshops throughout Europe, the United States and Canada.  She has been on staff at St. Andrews Summer School, Australian Winter School, Pinewoods Dance Camp and TAC Summer School.   

Linda grew up in a musical household; her father plays accordion and she played piano, and she is passionate about the blending of the music and the dance.  Linda is also an experienced ceilidh caller.

It gives her great pleasure to share some of her heritage and to inspire others to enjoy the music, fun and friendships made through Scottish Country Dancing.

Jimmie Hill Edinburgh, Scotland



Jimmie Hill danced at school on the Isles of Cumbrae and Bute. Following a degree at Edinburgh University he spent most of his working life in the field of English teaching, both abroad and in Scotland.

Since taking his RSCDS certificates, he has been teaching continually at all levels: day and weekend schools in the UK, Europe and North America; the RSCDS Summer and Winter Schools; AGM Weekend classes; Spring Fling and Fringe. He taught the Edinburgh University demonstration team, successfully entering teams at the Newcastle Festival. His dance, The Dancers’ Wedding, was included in Book 41. He is an RSCDS adjudicator.

Jimmie has served on the Executive Council, the General Purposes Committee, and the Management Board. He was the first and is the current editor of Scottish Country Dancer magazine.  He has been a regular contributor, conducting interviews and writing up his research in a series of articles. He has a particular interest in the quadrille tradition.

In 2006 Jimmie proposed the formation of TAS, Scotland’s teachers’ association, and is its current chairman. Increasingly concerned at the decline in country dance teaching in Scottish schools, Jimmie has been leading the Scottish Schools Working Group. He is currently compiling and editing a book of easy dances for use in Scottish primary schools and at Festivals and Days of Dance. His main interest, of course, is sailing and, when uncontactable by other means, can be found at anchor in some quiet bay on the west coast of Scotland.

Moira Korus, Ontario Canada


Moira Korus was born in Edinburgh, Scotland where she learned to dance at school and in the girl guides.  She moved to Toronto in 1987 and attained her full teaching certificate in 2006.  Moira currently teaches weekly at the Glenview adult social group and the Rosedale children and teen group in Toronto. When the children’s medal test program was initiated, Moira got the Rosedale dancers involved in preparing for the various levels and many of the children and teens have successfully completed all five levels of the medal test program.  Moira was also involved in teaching the first DAA program run by the Toronto branch and has taught both the intermediate and advanced levels.  She is currently teaching the advanced branch class in Toronto and has also taught a number of workshops in Ontario. This year Moira was elected to the RSCDS youth committee and will co-chair the Toronto group planning for the spring fling in Toronto in May 2020.  When not dancing, Moira works at Sickkids as a kidney transplant coordinator.

Geoffrey Selling, Pennsylvania USA

For almost 50 years, Geoffrey Selling has been one of North America’s most sought-after Scottish country dance guest teachers – providing all levels of classes as well as workshops for new and experienced teachers.  These classes have taken him to such faraway places as Japan, and the RSCDS Summer School at St. Andrews, as well as the USA and Canada. 

Geoffrey has danced and taught in the Delaware Valley Branch since 1969.  On 18 occasions, he tutored teacher candidates for their certification exams, both in the Branch and at the TAC Summer School.  In l980, he and his wife, Cecily, wrote the Handbook for Scottish Country Dance Teachers (now in its third edition), which is used in candidate classes world-wide.  Geoffrey is the author of numerous articles in TACTALK, the publication of the Teachers Association of Canada, as well as in the RSCDS’s Scottish Country Dancer magazine. 

In l998, Geoffrey was appointed an RSCDS Examiner and is now completing his 21st year examining RSCDS teacher candidates, as well as training new North American examiners.   

Geoffrey was awarded the Society’s Scroll of Honor in 2009, and in 2013, he trained 10 North American teachers as tutors in a course at the TAC Summer School at Mt. Allison College.  Geoffrey feels it is important to keep the Society’s focus on the traditional dances and style of Scottish country dancing, all bound together by an emphasis on dancing socially.  As the Society necessarily modernizes, he works to keep the old-world graciousness in his students’ dancing.

Now retired from his professional life as an elementary school science teacher, Geoffrey volunteers with watershed organizations, teaching adults about stream health and water quality.  His hobbies are hiking, baking, gardening and dancing (Scottish and Polish).  His wife, Cecily, is an accomplished Scottish country dance teacher and tutor in her own right.