45th TAC Summer School
University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, BC, Canada

23-30 July 2017

TAC Summer School is open to all Scottish Country Dancers from basic to advanced and from beginner to experienced.

To accommodate dancers with different levels of experience, expertise, stamina, and knowledge, four levels of classes will be offered at TAC Summer School 2017.

Online registration closed 20 June
See Registration Information for details

The number of dance classes offered and the focus of the various classes at Summer School vary from year to year depending on the number of dance teachers and size of dance spaces at the host facility.   Please read the descriptions for all the class levels offered in 2017 before deciding which one best suits your expectation of what you hope to gain from attending Summer School.  When registering, you will be asked to indicate a first and second choice of class level.

 If some classes are under-subscribed and/or others over-subscribed, the TAC Summer Events Committee will make necessary adjustments to maximize everyone's participation.  Once at Summer School, the Summer School Teaching Staff and Summer Events Committee may decide to move dancers to a more appropriate level to ensure the best possible class sizes and learning environment for all participants.  Their decision is final.  Please be prepared to be reassigned to a class level that will provide a better dance experience. 

Morning SCD Dance Class Levels

The Basic class is designed for newer dancers (usually 3 years or less) who aim to improve their knowledge and execution of the basic steps and formations along with an introduction to some of the more advanced formations.  This class focuses on all aspects of technique (footwork, covering, handing, phrasing, transitions) while allowing dancers the opportunity to walk through dances from each position.

The Intermediate class is designed for dancers with several years' experience (usually 4 or more years) who have a solid understanding of basic steps and formations and who can learn a pattern by observing others.  Teaching focuses on improved execution of dances including accuracy of footwork, importance of covering, handing, and phrasing, value of teamwork, and exposure to more advanced formations. 

Advanced Social
The Advanced Social class is for experienced dancers who are already confident and proficient with all standard and advanced formations with minimal dependence on walk-throughs.  Emphasis is given to sociability, teamwork, and overall execution of dances. The Advanced Social class can accommodate knowledgeable dancers who may have injuries and those who might not wish to sustain the high level of stamina required for the Advanced Challenge class.

Advanced Challenge
The Advanced Challenge class focuses on all aspects of technique and execution for advanced dancers who have excellent and sustained technique and who have the stamina to maintain high-performance dancing throughout an entire class.  Emphasis is on consistent and accurate execution while learning unfamiliar formations with minimal walk-throughs.

Be conservative in your estimate of your abilities.  Class levels at Summer School may be at a higher level than in many local groups.

TAC is also offering a Dancing Achievement Award (DAA) Course as a 4-day afternoon option.  For more information see DAA Course 2017.