Travelling around Halifax, Nova Scotia

Travelling to a new city and province is an exciting part of Summer School. Many of you are in the process of making travel arrangements, and our local Scottish dancers, Danny and Debbie Almon are travel agents who are ready to help in any way you wish.

Our hospitality committee has vetted the link below as a great place to begin and it includes links to Almon Travel and other tourism NS websites.


Wednesday Afternoon Guided Tours

However, sometimes it is more fun to explore a new locale with friends. As is our tradition at Summer School, Wednesday afternoon classes are cancelled to allow dancers to do that. Of course, dancers can take the time to explore independently, but we encourage you to consider one of the two following tours.

Both tours are paid for separately from your Summer School registration. Please sign up early, as numbers are needed to plan buses and taxis for transportation.

Tour A - Historic Halifax Tour, conducted by Colleen Putt, retired tour guide.

Cost: $30  Duration: 2 hours   Click here to register for the Historic Halifax Tour

Our luxury coach (well, it has tires and seats) will pick you up at King's and take you on a journey of discovery through Halifax.

We will see where the Halifax Explosion occurred and stop at the Bell Tower Memorial, commemorating those who perished and rebuilt the city. We will visit the Titanic graves in Fairview Lawn Cemetery and hear poignant stories of both victims and survivors. We will stroll through the Public Gardens, rated one of the finest Victorian gardens in North America. As the coach wends through the streets, you will hear of the city's many firsts, triumphs, tragedies, and contributions to the world.






Tour B -Walk and Talk in Point Pleasant Park with Duncan Keppie, Geologist 

Cost: $15 per person   Click here to register for the Walk and Talk in Point Pleasant Park

Come for a Walk in the Park with Duncan. Not only is he a geologist, but he's also a Scottish Country Dance musician, devisor and teacher. He'll be kind to your feet as he takes you to see the present continental margin resting on an ancient continental margin. On the Present margin, we'll see the beach sand and diverse pebbles (you can make your own collection), many of which were brought here by the ice sheet that covered Nova Scotia, leaving the drumlins to be seen in the distance. These rest on the 500 million-year-old Halifax slates that were deformed and intruded by 370 million-year granite that heated the host rocks. Water bottles and snacks are not included.





In addition to the two guided tours, here is information about Self-Guided Tours that you can enjoy on your own any time during the week.

Complete details on each of these places can be found on


Peggy's Cove

3.5-hour guided tour by bus
Departs from 1675 Lower Water Street, Halifax

Senior 65+: $62 (+HST)  Adult: $68.90 (+HST)

En route to this seaside village, pass by the Halifax Public Gardens, a quiet oasis amid a cosmopolitan city; see the Citadel National Historic Site, a fort perched high above the city; the Old Town Clock, a gift given to the city by Prince Edward the Duke of Kent in 1803; as well as other notable landmarks such as Province House, the naval dockyards and the famous Halifax waterfront boardwalk. As you travel along the winding coastal highway of the Lighthouse Route to the tiny fishing village of Peggy's Cove, it is little wonder it has inspired artists and is an irresistible lure for budding and seasoned adventurers generation after generation. The colourful houses and fishing shacks perched atop the solid stone rocky outcrop that overlooks the restless waters of the Atlantic exhibit the wear and tear of the ocean and its punishing storms. Yet they endure, much like the small population of approximately 32 people who are year-round residents.


Wine Enthusiasts Tour

We invite you to share our passion for Nova Scotian Wines by joining us on a Sommelier-guided tour of our local wine region. You will travel by bus to visit three distinct wineries, enjoy lunch, and discover why Nova Scotian wines have been awarded over 200 international and national awards. The Wine Enthusiast Tour is open to those 19+ with valid, government-issued photo IDs

7 hours - Leave Maritime Museum of the Atlantic at 10:15 am. Adult: $165 (+HST)

The tour includes a Sommelier guide, transportation, tours & tastings at three wineries (Bent Ridge Winery, Benjamin Bridge & Planters Ridge) and lunch at a local winery (Bent Ridge). (Price includes gratuity for restaurant server)


Harbour Hopper 

Adult - $45 (+HST)    Senior - $40.65 (+HST)  55-minute guided tour
This tour departs from the Salter Street Parking Lot on the Halifax waterfront

Ribbit Ribbit! All aboard Atlantic Canada's most popular tour – a fun, fast-paced adventure that introduces you to the best of Halifax by land and sea! Sitting 10 feet high, you'll have an exclusive view of our vibrant city's historic sights, such as the Grand Parade and Citadel Hill National Historic Site. The adventure continues when you make your big SPLASH into the Halifax harbour! Your driver is now your Captain, and it's time to explore. Prepare your camera for unique photos of George's Island, Cable Wharf, and the Halifax waterfront. This fully narrated amphibious tour is one you won't soon forget!


Tall Ship Silva

A 90-minute cruise. Departs from the Cable Wharf, 1751 Lower Water Street, Halifax, several times a day. Check the website for details

Adults $41.60 (+HST)  Seniors $38.20 (+HST)

A cruise aboard The Tall Ship Silva is the perfect way to fully appreciate a beautiful day on Halifax Harbour. Your journey begins on the Halifax waterfront as you set off to view some of Halifax’s most notable landmarks, including Georges Island, the Halifax Waterfront, Historic Properties, and more. Help the crew hoist Silva’s sails, enjoy a beverage or two from the onboard Murphy’s Pub, and sit back, relax and enjoy a beautiful day out on the water


Grand Pré National Historic Site (National Parks of Canada)

A self-directed tour at a National Historic Site that opens in May. Details about opening hours will be updated on the Parks Canada website.

Adults: $8.50 (+HST)  Seniors: - $7.00 (+HST) A Discovery Pass can be purchased if you intend to visit multiple Parks Canada sites. (see below)

Discover powerful Acadian stories within a picturesque landscape. Successes and struggles are illuminated through multimedia presentations, engaging displays, a splendid Victorian garden, and a Memorial Church. The site is a monument to Acadian culture and deportation.


Maritime Museum of the Atlantic


Adult: $9.55 (+HST)  Senior: $8.50 (+HST)

1675 Lower Water Street, Halifax

Permanent Exhibits: Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship; Halifax Explosion (1917) and Ta’n me’j Tel-keknuo’ltiek (How Unique We Still Are)


Art Gallery of Nova Scotia


Exhibitions: Maud Lewis, Shape of Cities

Adults $10.43  (HST incl)   Senior: $8.69 (HST incl)

1723 Hollis St., Halifax










Halifax Citadel National Historic Site (National Parks of Canada)







     In the heart of downtown Halifax, this strategic hilltop fort offers a commanding view of Halifax Harbour. Step back to 1749 and immerse yourself in the social and military history of Halifax with the 78th Highlanders and the 3rd Brigade Royal Artillery. Learn about the changing roles of the fort and visit the Army Museum.

Adults $8.50 (+HST)       Seniors  $7 (+HST)       

or use your Discovery Pass (from Parks Canada)










Whale Watching

Your breath will be taken away when a whale breaches the ocean’s surface, lunges out of the waves and re-enters with a loud smack and plume of water. Summer and fall are the best times to go whale watching in Nova Scotia. Find yourself aboard a whale-watching tour with lively commentary and local tales as you watch for any of the 12 species of whales that visit Nova Scotia each year.

Details of tours, locations and pricing are found at:






From the dramatic cliffs, arches and towering pinnacles of northern Cape Breton and Cape Chignecto to the glacial barrens, sheltered waterways and isolated white sand beaches of Prospect and Tangier, for many, our coast is best seen from the water. History buffs will enjoy paddling along our historic waterfronts, while cultural enthusiasts will love chatting with local fishermen or traversing the waterways of the Mi’kmaq.

For details regarding price and times see




Ride the Tidal Bore 

Feel the rush of riding waves that can be up to 4 metres (13 feet) high in a Zodiac boat as the power of the world's highest tides in the Bay of Fundy turns the Shubenacadie River into a water roller coaster only found in Nova Scotia.

Details regarding price and times are available at








COVID Policy Statement for TAC Summer Events 2023

TAC acknowledges that the COVID pandemic is in a constant state of flux and that conditions may change by the time TCW and Summer School begin.  We will therefore use the COVID protocols in place by the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University at the time of our event. For the 2023 Winter Term, both universities highly encourage being up to date on COVID vaccinations and boosters, but they are not required. There are currently mask requirements at King’s and Dalhousie. We have been told that these will likely be lifted before our events take place. While we do not currently anticipate requiring masks while dancing, attendees should bring masks and be prepared to wear them if requested or if they experience any kind of symptoms of illness. Attendees should also bring several rapid antigen test kits in the event they start to feel unwell.

If a participant tests positive for COVID and needs to cancel before the start of their registered event (TCW, Summer School, or TCW+SS), a full refund will be provided upon receipt of proof. TAC assumes no liability for any losses resulting from individual pre-book travel.

Participants are encouraged to obtain travel insurance that covers such expenses.

Mission: To teach, inspire, and connect Scottish country dance teachers in North America and beyond.


TAC Organizational Objectives:

  • To train and support all levels of teachers and instructors of SCD within the RSCDS framework.
  • To foster high quality teaching that supports individual dancers and all types of classes.
  • To encourage involvement in Scotland's heritage of country dancing by promoting its learning, enjoyment, and sociability.
  • To make available and promote resources for reference and instruction, including dance descriptions and recorded music.
  • To nurture the development of musicians for Scottish country dancing.
  • To facilitate communication and relationships between dance teachers, instructors, supporters, organizations, and musicians.
  • To archive and preserve, in an accessible form, TAC's history of supporting Scottish country dancing.

By 2028, we envision a vibrant TAC that supports a thriving SCD community in North America through additional and diverse events, a sound financial foundation, and compelling membership value.

The following Values Statement highlights the TAC’s core guiding principles and its philosophical ideals. These values are used to both inform and guide the decisions and behaviors of the TAC leadership, its members, and participants in TAC activities.

We value:

  1. The joy of Scottish Country Dancing.
  2. Teaching Skills: Training, mentoring, and lifelong learning that allows all teachers to lead instructive and enjoyable classes.
  3. Community: A welcoming community that demonstrates respectful engagement, inclusivity, and sociability.
  4. Collaboration and Communication: The cooperative and transparent exchange of information.
  5. Stewardship: The preservation of the history of Scotland's dance and music and their continuing development as living traditions.
  6. Governance: Effective and responsible leadership to ensure the success and future of the organization.
  7. Health and Safety: Environments and practices that respect the well-being of participants and support their learning.
TAC Strategic Plans

2023 TAC 50th Summer School and 65th Anniversary Shirts

Please join us in celebrating our special TAC Anniversaries with these special edition shirts. There are three options for women and one for men. Each shirt will be made according to your choices of colour and logos.

PLEASE NOTE: All shirt purchases will be available for pick up at TAC Summer School and the Teachers’ Conference Weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Shirts will NOT be shipped. If you do not plan to attend Summer School or Teachers Conference Weekend, there is the option to have an attending friend pick up your shirt for you.

TWO Logo options, either one to be embroidered on Left Chest:

 50th Summer School or 65th TAC

Shirt Colours: Red or Dark Grey

Prices: Women’s Scoop Neck or V-Neck     $25 CAD

               Women’s or Men’s Polo/Collared     $30 CAD


          The deadline for ordering is midnight June 15, 2023

Click here for a PDF of the sizing chart


2023 50th Summer School Shirts Order Form                                                            

 2023 65th Anniversary Shirts Order Form





Descriptions of Class Levels for TAC Summer School 2023

  A copy of the information can be downloaded at this link:

2023 Summer School Class Descriptions

Development/Fundamentals:  This course is for new and recent dancers or returning dancers, as well as anyone who is interested in really working on the basics of good feet, arms and hands, and good eye contact. Build your confidence and your knowledge of the central formations of Scottish country dancing.

Experienced:  This course is for dancers who have been dancing for 5+ years and have knowledge of most of the common formations [1] used in Scottish country dancing. Dancers can expect teachers to include step-practice and to explore aspects of good technique as part of the class.

Low impact:  This course is for dancers who have extensive experience in dancing and have sound knowledge of most of the formations [1,2] used in Scottish country dancing but who no longer wish to dance at the Challenge level. This course will incorporate low-impact techniques and will be suitable for anyone who is injured, needs to be careful, or is simply interested in exploring ways to keep dancing as long as possible.

Challenge:  This course is for dancers who perform at a high level and wish to be challenged further. This will be a physically demanding class requiring a good level of physical fitness. Dancers are expected to be familiar with both lists of formations [1,2] below.

  1. Common formations that dancers participating in the Experienced class should be familiar with:

All basic and regularly recurring formations and progressions including, but not limited to, the following examples:

  • Setting – set to corners, set to and turn corners, set to corners and partners (aka “hello and good-bye” setting), set and link, set and rotate, double triangles
  • Reels – reels of 3, reels of 4, mirror reels, cross-over reels
  • Rights and lefts, rights and lefts for three couples, grand chain
  • Poussette in quick time, poussette in strathspey time
  • Allemande for 2, for 3, for 4
  • Promenade for 2, for 3, progressive
  • Knot for 2, for 3
  • Rondel
  • Corner figures: turn corner-partner-corner-partner, corner chains, corners pass and turn
  • Ladies’ chain, men’s chain
  1. Less common formations and progressions that dancers in the Low-Impact and Challenge classes should be familiar with:


Chain Progression

Crown Triangles


La Baratte