COVID Policy Statement for TAC Summer Events 2023

TAC acknowledges that the COVID pandemic is in a constant state of flux and that conditions may change by the time TCW and Summer School begin.  We will therefore use the COVID protocols in place by the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University at the time of our event. For the 2023 Winter Term, both universities highly encourage being up to date on COVID vaccinations and boosters, but they are not required. There are currently mask requirements at King’s and Dalhousie. We have been told that these will likely be lifted before our events take place. While we do not currently anticipate requiring masks while dancing, attendees should bring masks and be prepared to wear them if requested or if they experience any kind of symptoms of illness. Attendees should also bring several rapid antigen test kits in the event they start to feel unwell.

If a participant tests positive for COVID and needs to cancel before the start of their registered event (TCW, Summer School, or TCW+SS), a full refund will be provided upon receipt of proof. TAC assumes no liability for any losses resulting from individual pre-book travel.

Participants are encouraged to obtain travel insurance that covers such expenses.