Use this link to download a file of the dances taught at TAC Teachers' Conference Weekend 2019 by Jimmie Hill at Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Use this link to download a file of the dances taught at TAC Summer School 2019 at Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dances were taught by core teachers: Linda Henderson, Jimmie Hill, Moira Kourus, and Geoffrey Selling




Miss Milligan's Miscellany 


Teachers' Association (Canada) and The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society undertook a joint project in 2014.  The purpose of the project was to clarify some of the ambiguities and inconsistencies that are found in Miss Milligan's Miscellany.


We are indebted to Pat Coyle, Ruth Jappy, Jean Martin and Mervyn Short for the time and diligence they brought to this project. We trust you will find the Notes useful.


Notes on Miss Milligan's Miscellany


Scottish Country Dancing is done all over the world.  Frequently, these dances are being done by non-Scottish and even non-English speakers.  This leaves doubt in how a dance name is pronounced.  With the help of the phonetic pronunciation included in the Notes above and an audio file of the dance name being spoken, we hope to allieviate some of this doubt.  Please keep in mind that there are many dialects in Scotland and the audio files below represent only one of these dialects.


Please click on the dance name to hear how the dance is pronounced.


Audio Files


Abernethy Lassies

Anderson's Rant

The Banks of Allen

The Banks of Clyde

The Blithest Lass That Ever Was Seen

Bonnie Geordie's Wig

Bonnie Kitty

The Bonnie Links

Brechin Fancy

Brechin Lassies

The British Grenadiers

Caledonian Country Dance

Captain Mackintosh

Captain White

The Carl Cam' Ower the Croft

Charles Stuart

Clydeside Lassies

The Countess of Lauderdale's Reel

The Countess of Sutherland's Reel

Downie's Humour

Duke of Roxburgh's Reel

Edinburgh Jigs

Espie McNabb

The Fife Hunt

Frog in the Middle

The Gathering

Glasgow Regatta


Ha! Ha! The Wooin' O' It

Happy Returns

High Road to Wigton

The Highlandman Kissed His Mother

The Honey Moon

Hooper's Jig


The Inverness Reel

Kelso Races

Kiss Under the Stairs

La Russe

The Ladies of Dingwall

The Lads of Saltcoats

Lady C Bruce's Reel

Lady Charlotte Bruce

Lady Dumfries

Lady Glasgow

Lady Home's Jig

Lady Lucy Ramsay

Lady Susan Stewart's Strathspey

Largo Law

Lass O' Loudon

Long Live the Queen

Lord Eglinton's Reel

The Marquis of Lorne

McLachlan's Reel

The Merry Oddfellows

Miss Betty Boyle's Reel

Miss Chirsty Stewart

Miss Corbett's Strathspey

Miss Margaret Hill

The Monifieth Star

The Munro Rant

The New Highland Laddie

The New Town of Edinburgh

Newington Assembly

Odd Thoughts

Prince Edward

Quadrille Country Dance

Queen Victoria

Rosnor Abbey

The Royal Visit

Ruffian's Rant

Sandy O'er the Lea

The Seagull

Shoulder to Shoulderr

The Thistle

What You Please

Willie's Rare and Willie's Fair 



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Index of John Drewry's Dances 


John Drewry was born on the 14th of July 1923 in Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire.  Sadly, he died on the 18th of June 2014 in Aberdeen.  John was a dancer, RSCDS certificated teacher and dance deviser.  John's legacy includes a collection of dances that number more than 800, which he bequeathed the copyright to Teachers' Association (Canada).


Index of John Drewry's Dances  Last updated on July 30, 2019.


This index is a work in progress.  To date, we believe we have confirmed the following:

  • Names of all dances that John devised
  • All published sources for each dance


If you find that the index is missing any dances or sources, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


Although there is a lot of other information included in this index, the following will not be confirmed until a review of each individual dance is completed.  Items still to be confirmed include:

  • Type of dance (reel, jig, strathspey, etc.)
  • Number of bars
  • Number of couples
  • Set shape
  • Year the dance was devised
  • Recommended tunes


Once each dance is reviewed for the above, it will be transcribed into a digital format and published as part of the John Drewry Dance Collection.  As each dance becomes available, the index will be updated and the dance instructions will be posted below.


If you have any questions about this project, or would like to share some information with us, please don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



John Drewry Dance Collection

 Leaflet Archive Record Last Updated
 Auld Luckie Auld Luckie July 30, 2019



 How Can You Help?


John’s generosity in leaving TAC the copyright to his dances is very much appreciated. Unfortunately, however, we did not receive a physical copy of each of his dances so, TAC’s collection is virtually non-existent. Our goal is to have a physical original copy of each of the dances and each of the publications for inclusion in our archive. So, if you have multiple originals (not photocopies) of any of his dances or the publications that his dances appeared in, please consider donating them to the Drewry Project (any extra copies received will be donated to TAC’s Outreach division for inclusion in start-up packages). Originals can be given to any TAC Executive member (who will pass them on to me) or mailed directly to the team. The mailing address for the Drewry project is:


John Drewry Project

C/O Sharon Barker

126 Boulder Creek Court

Langdon, AB, Canada T0J 1X3


In the meantime, through the TACBooks’ collection that is available for sale (which is quite small in comparison to the entire collection) and team members' personal collections, we have managed to obtain a photocopy of almost all of John's dances.  We have listed below the dances and publications that we are missing.  If you happen to have any of these, and you don’t have a spare original to send to us, we hope you would consider scanning it and emailing a copy to us. 



The missing dances are:

  • The Bow River (Modified) – from 1996 – we have a copy of the original from 1986
  • The Briar
  • Ciorsdan Mhor
  • Dish Ran Away with the Spoon
  • Dix-On Dix-Off
  • Golden Reel
  • Kilchurn Romance
  • Leslie’s Strathspey
  • The Mayflower Jig
  • Roy’s Reel
  • Something to Crow About
  • The Sultan’s Delight
  • Twin City Reel



And the missing publications are:

  • New Dances by John Drewry 2005
  • 20 New Dances by John Drewry 1999-2000
  • Two Dances with Music – Bradford Reel Club
  • A Book of Seven (Plus Two) – Paul Bond
  • Autumn Collection 1983
  • Autumn Collection 1984
  • Autumn Collection 1986
  • Bradford Leaflet
  • Croyden and District 1989 – RSCDS Croyden & District Branch
  • Dancing Forth Too – RSCDS Edinburgh Branch
  • Edinburgh Fancy Leaflet
  • Hamilton Silver Anniversary Collection – RSCDS Hamilton (Ont.) Branch
  • Inverclyde Foursome – RSCDS West Renfrewshire Association
  • Dances of an Island Clan – Ann Skipper & Neil Stewart McLeod
  • Scottish Country Dances – London 75th – RSCDS London (England) Branch
  • 9th MacNab Set
  • Ottawa Leaflet
  • The Quaich Dances 2010 – RSCDS Dundee Branch
  • Rose of Glamis – RSCDS Edinburgh Branch
  • Summer Collection, Set 1
  • Summer Collection, Set 2
  • Summer Collection, Set 3
  • Summer Collection, Set 4
  • Summer Collection, Set 5
  • Summer Collection, Set 6
  • Summer Collection, Set 7
  • Summer Collection, Set 8
  • Summer Collection, Set 9
  • Summer Collection, Set 10
  • Summer Collection, Set 11
  • Scottish Country Dances Volume 4 – John Drewry
  • Scottish Reels are Fun – Edge Reels
  • Spring Collection (1988)
  • Summer Collection 1984
  • Summer Collection 1985
  • Summer Collection 1986
  • Summer Collection 1988
  • Summer Collection 1989
  • The Whiteadder Collection – Scotscores
  • Winter Collection 1988
  • The Welsh Set


Do you have a special story or a picture that is specific to one of John’s dances? If so, please consider sharing it with us. We would love to include it in our archive record.