RSCDS North American Examinations Tour 2021


In cooperation with RSCDS Scotland examination centres will be set up east and west or as needed.  A centre needs a minimum of 6 candidates to make it viable but it is quite common for more isolated candidates to add to the numbers by traveling to the nearest centre for the exam, having been trained in their local area.

Any Branch wishing to become a centre, any tutors with potential candidates, and anyone interested in taking the courses leading to the exams should contact Examinations Coordinator, Linda Mae Dennis <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> or RSCDS headquarters in Scotland.



The Teachers' Association (Canada)  works hard to provide top quality instruction to those wishing to teach Scottish Country Dancing. 


RSCDS Teaching Certificate

In even numbered years, the TAC offers candidate classes under the RSCDS Examination System at our annual Summer School.

These classes last approximately 2 weeks and are taught by experienced tutors with talented musicians playing for the class and examinations.

More information is available under Candidate Classes.


Continuing Development

For those who have already passed their Part 1 or Part 2 of their teaching certificate, the TAC offers many ways to continue to improve their teaching skills.


Memorial Class - This class will be offered during Summer School each year. The topic and material covered will vary each year. It will also serve as a tribute to some of the exceptional teachers who are no longer with us.


AGM Weekend - The AGM weekend provides teachers a chance to dance together and participate in classes to continue to improve their dancing and teaching, and discuss all the details that make Scottish Dancing so interesting.