Silent Auction and Summer School Donations

While there is no cost to register for the 2021 Virtual Summer School, we are asking for your support by donating to the Silent Auction that will be held during the July 28-31, 2021 Zoom event.

Alison Booz is coordinating the auction and asks if you would consider donating an item(s).  Suggestions include hand-made items; gently used and/or vintage clothes (especially items appropriate for SCD); novelties ranging from fun and quirky to fabulous; Scottish-themed dishes, scarves, books, etc., artwork; and anything in between.  You can also consider non-tangible items such as a dance or a tune devised for the event or for someone special.

With support from the RSCDS Twin Cities Branch, there will be a webpage dedicated to pictures and descriptions of the donations.  That will be posted closer to Summer School and a link emailed to everyone.  The Branch has also assisted by creating an Auction Donation Form

The form is now ready for you to submit all of the details of your donation and will be available until the July 19th deadline for submissions.  You can also use the form to donate money in lieu of an item to support TAC and the Summer School.

If you have any questions, please contact Alison Booz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This year's Virtual Summer School would not be complete without a Ceilidh! 

This is your opportunity to showcase your talents, your skills, and your sense of humour!


 The Ceilidh will be held via Zoom on Friday, July 30th from 5-6:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

David Miller will, once again, be the MC.  If you want to participate in the TAC Virtual Summer School Ceilidh, please contact him at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by June 18, 2021, and provide him with a description of the act, the performance, or the extravaganza.
All of the acts will need to be pre-recorded due to the technical and logistical considerations of a virtual event. Ceilidh items should be about 3 minutes long (but talk to David if you have a good reason for going longer). The pre-recorded acts need to be ready for submission by July 1st.  The video/audio recordings should be submitted to a 
The account is now open and will close on July 2nd to allow time for editing and arranging the program.  If you have any questions about the video/audio files, or about uploading to DropBox, please contact David directly.  He will be assisted by Craig Williams on the technical side, and with editing the videos.


Miss Milligan's Miscellany 


Teachers' Association (Canada) and The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society undertook a joint project in 2014.  The purpose of the project was to clarify some of the ambiguities and inconsistencies that are found in Miss Milligan's Miscellany.


We are indebted to Pat Coyle, Ruth Jappy, Jean Martin and Mervyn Short for the time and diligence they brought to this project. We trust you will find the Notes useful.


Notes on Miss Milligan's Miscellany


Scottish Country Dancing is done all over the world.  Frequently, these dances are being done by non-Scottish and even non-English speakers.  This leaves doubt in how a dance name is pronounced.  With the help of the phonetic pronunciation included in the Notes above and an audio file of the dance name being spoken, we hope to allieviate some of this doubt.  Please keep in mind that there are many dialects in Scotland and the audio files below represent only one of these dialects.


Please click on the dance name to hear how the dance is pronounced.


Audio Files


Abernethy Lassies

Anderson's Rant

The Banks of Allen

The Banks of Clyde

The Blithest Lass That Ever Was Seen

Bonnie Geordie's Wig

Bonnie Kitty

The Bonnie Links

Brechin Fancy

Brechin Lassies

The British Grenadiers

Caledonian Country Dance

Captain Mackintosh

Captain White

The Carl Cam' Ower the Croft

Charles Stuart

Clydeside Lassies

The Countess of Lauderdale's Reel

The Countess of Sutherland's Reel

Downie's Humour

Duke of Roxburgh's Reel

Edinburgh Jigs

Espie McNabb

The Fife Hunt

Frog in the Middle

The Gathering

Glasgow Regatta


Ha! Ha! The Wooin' O' It

Happy Returns

High Road to Wigton

The Highlandman Kissed His Mother

The Honey Moon

Hooper's Jig


The Inverness Reel

Kelso Races

Kiss Under the Stairs

La Russe

The Ladies of Dingwall

The Lads of Saltcoats

Lady C Bruce's Reel

Lady Charlotte Bruce

Lady Dumfries

Lady Glasgow

Lady Home's Jig

Lady Lucy Ramsay

Lady Susan Stewart's Strathspey

Largo Law

Lass O' Loudon

Long Live the Queen

Lord Eglinton's Reel

The Marquis of Lorne

McLachlan's Reel

The Merry Oddfellows

Miss Betty Boyle's Reel

Miss Chirsty Stewart

Miss Corbett's Strathspey

Miss Margaret Hill

The Monifieth Star

The Munro Rant

The New Highland Laddie

The New Town of Edinburgh

Newington Assembly

Odd Thoughts

Prince Edward

Quadrille Country Dance

Queen Victoria

Rosnor Abbey

The Royal Visit

Ruffian's Rant

Sandy O'er the Lea

The Seagull

Shoulder to Shoulderr

The Thistle

What You Please

Willie's Rare and Willie's Fair 



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