Neil Barron  - Accordion

neilssAccordionist Neil Barron was born in Edinburgh and raised in Hawick in the Borders where he started playing around the age of 14. His first instrument was a hand-me-down Scandalli accordion that belonged to his father, who had played in dance bands in Aberdeenshire in his younger days. After taking lessons for a couple of years, Neil joined his first dance band at the age of 16. A couple of years later, Neil returned to Edinburgh to study Engineering Science and lived there until 1991, during which time he started the eponymously named band Neil Barron and His Scottish Dance Band. Neil also played in many other Scottish Dance bands, including 5 years with Jim Johnstone.
In 1991, work took Neil to Wetherby in Yorkshire. To date, Neil's band has recorded nine albums of Scottish Country Dances, and Neil has been featured on BBC Radio's Masters of the Accordion.


Ball Musicians

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