New Full Day Music Course for 2014 Summer School!

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Sessions will be each morning and afternoon except Wednesday afternoon, which is free with the optional tours. The sessions will be shared amongst the music staff.

Some of the session topics are listed below.
Piano, 2nd Accordion, Guitar, Bass & Drums
* Chord Structure and Arrangements
* Chord Inversions and Rooting
* Making the Bass work with the chords
* How to Accompany the Lead Instrument
* Maintaining Tempo
* Dynamics
* Key Changes
* Opening & Closing Chords
* Playing in Different Keys
Fiddle, Accordion, Piano & ?
* Playing the Opening & Closing Chords
* Setting the Tempo
* Dynamics
* Joining Tunes of Different Keys
* Playing for Classes
* Getting In & Out with the Teacher
* Types & Styles of Tunes for Different Steps & Formations
* Instrumentation
* Piano: Acoustic or Electronic. Pros & Cons
* Bass: Acoustic or Electric. Pros & Cons
* Amplifying the Instruments
* Individual Amplifiers or P.A. System. Pros & Cons
* Mixing the Sound
* Playing for Classes, Dances or Concerts
* Changing Key
* Medleys
* Accompanying Arrangements
* Tempo
* Original Tunes or Not