TAC 2021 Virtual Summer School Auction Payments

                     Congratulations to all the winners in the TAC 2021 Silent Auction!

A list of the silent auction winners can be found on the 2021 Silent Auction: Winners and Payment Information page

Please enter the amount of your winning bid(s) in the boxes below and include your email address.  All winning bids are in Canadian Dollars CAD

Winners will also be notified by email soon with how to arrange shipping of your item with the item donor, as well as any postage that may be required. A link to the "Make Payments" page will be included in the email.

If you didn’t bid, or you didn’t win your bid and you would like to support the Silent Auction, please consider sending a financial donation using the boxes shown below.

A BIG Thank You to RSCDS Twin Cities Branch member Joe Dolson for all the silent auction page setup, to everyone who submitted items donations, and to all the people who bid so generously to support TAC 2021 Virtual Summer School and the Silent Auction.

If you have any questions, please contact Alison Booz at alison.booz@gmail.com

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