Welcome to the Scottish Country Dance Teachers' Association (Canada). We have been serving Scottish Dance teachers for 60 years, and continue to grow and evolve. As of 2018, TAC recognized over 200 members who have belonged to TAC for 25 years or longer!

TAC Membership

Scottish Country Dance teachers from around the world are encouraged to join TAC.

Where are our members located?

  • Canada - 35%
  • U.S.A - 40%
  • Rest of the World - 25%

If you are a teacher of Scottish Country Dance having passed Level 1 (Units 1, 2 & 3 or the Prelim) or Level 2 (Units 4 & 5 or Full) Certificates from the RSCDS, join the group and have access to the full range of services and support that TAC offers!




Our goals and objectives are to:

  • encourage and promote participation in Scotland's heritage of Country Dancing
  • promote the highest possible level of approved standards of Scottish Country Dancing
  • foster excellence in the teaching of Scottish Country Dancing
  • undertake to preserve and disseminate materials supportive of the above objectives
  • promote the continuance of the musical tradition in Scottish Country Dancing
  • stimulate co-operation between all teachers and dancers